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snapchat adventures with anna

psa: if you’re wondering why i haven’t replied to our short interactions or seem to have dropped them, it’s because, typically, i only let those short starters i make for people go for a few replies. i’d much rather focus on multi-para/novella threads with a clear plot than have 9203828903860438694306 tiny interactions piling up in my drafts. if you do want to continue whatever small interaction we had, though, just let me know! otherwise it will probably be dropped at some point in favour of my plotted out threads —- which, by the way, don’t be afraid to approach me for those!



open in high res for a better look

No, Hans is thinking “damn it, now I might have to kneel to cut her throat, ugh, that will ruin my boots. Is she going to stand up again? How selfish. Laying on the ground, making me walk over to her, leaning down — really Elsa. Not everything is about you.”

Anna/Jasmine -- pirates. B)


meme: Send me a pairing and an AU and I'll write you a three-sentence fic

  Even amongst all the treasure-seeking, there was laughter, girlish and gasping, high above the boundless rays of the sun, set to the tempo of a rocking boat; guffaws at juvenile humour, deep belly chortles at their latest mishap. Still, they searched, and there was quiet too, hours spent mapping aged charts and nubile skin, adventure shifting underneath marrow, wordlessly exchanging smirks on deck as their hands calloused against navigated ropes. In the name of treasure, there were battles, steel clanging against steel, reddening knuckle and knuckle, retort against retort, gasp against gasp; after seasons of thrumming blood & salt-water sighs, gingerly, pale fingers charted caramel skin to rocking moonlight, breathing, ❝ Found it. 

" What if you hate the way he picks his nose?"

Send me a pairing and an AU and I’ll write you a three-sentence fic =)

❖ I need more Achievement Hunter King AU on my dash.


      regaliis' 2.5k follower appreciation & giveaway

also known as holy fucking shit, guys. this blog that started out pretty flippantly is now a blog i’ve been on the longest in my entire tumblr career ( which amounts to three years from blog to blog ). the character, the blog, and you all—- you’ve made it worthwhile and are the biggest reason why i’m still here. i’m constantly inspired, constantly amazed at the openness of this community as a whole, and the people who strive to make it a better place each and every day. ( here’s to you, courtney. )

i love you guys, seriously. and know that whether we’ve interacted once, have multiple threads or none at all, you make this blog a joy. it’s been such an amazing experience ( four month mark holla ), and here’s to you. the role player who’s persevering through highschool, or college; who works long hours on top of that; who deals with bullshit in real life and still has the energy to stand up for people who are being bullied online; the one who sends out sweet anon messages with no expectation of getting them in return; the one who dedicates free time to hanging out with a bunch of cool ass cats on the internet, because most people in real life ( but not all ) suck. i’m with ya. i’ve been there and i am there, now. as always, know you can come talk to me for any reason. i’m not so good at giving advice, but i’m a good listener. keep that in mind, alright?

these are just a small handful of the many people who have been following for a long time. like, a long time, from other accounts even that i had months and months ago. and they’ve stuck with me, and i think they deserve some serious recognition. it just shows are true they are as people — as friends. it stays a ton about their character, and on top of that, did i mention that they’re hella rad, too? check it.

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now, onto giveaway stuff! 

first place winner:

a fully customized theme ( like mine ), complete with background image,  playlist ( if you want it! ), plus a pack of 50 edited icons & a promo.

♚ second place winner:

20 edited icons, plus a fanmix & promo.

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10 edited icons & a promo.

things to remember!

the deadline is april 30th/may 1st. you must be following me in order to qualify, and you must be a role play blog. no exceptions. winners will be chosen via a random generator, and they will be contacted afterwards by me within 2-3 days. also, please remember that you are awesome-sauce, worthy of appreciation, love, and able to achieve whatever it is you set your mind to! and please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. ♥ 


Fangirl Challenge || 5/10 female characters
anna (frozen)

Can I say something crazy?”

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